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Dynamic Management Services, Inc.

125 High Street, Unit 6

Mansfield, MA 02048

774-847-9742 [email protected]

Dynamic Management Services, Inc.

Services Provided

Warwick, RI

Dynamic Management Services, Inc.

Dynamic Management Services, Inc. provides sound administrative management and planning services which begin with a thorough review of all association rules, regulations, and policies. In doing so, we are then able to effectively and accurately advise the Board of Directors of any essential changes as well as to suggest realistic improvements. We coordinate all necessary paperwork for unit transfers and refinancing, and board meeting minutes are expeditiously prepared and sent to the Board for their review. Furthermore, Dynamic Management Services, Inc. provides full 24 hour emergency and related maintenance services and outsources major work to the qualified contractors within our vendor base.

Dynamic Management Services, Inc. also provides detailed financial analysis. Monthly common area and supplemental fee collections are critical to the financial health of every association, therefore expedient collection of these fees is an integral priority for Dynamic Management Services, Inc. We strictly adhere to the Board's approved procedure for the collection of delinquent accounts, which is done to enhance and control the account receivables collection rate. We have long established and successful systems in place to efficiently facilitate the timely collection of these funds as follows:

  • At the beginning of each fiscal year, unit owners will receive a payment coupon booklet (Board approved), precisely outlining due dates for all monthly fees.
  • All delinquent accounts will have a statement mailed to the unit owner once late fees, supplemental fees or fines are assessed.
  • A monthly aged accounts receivable report with an up to date activity status report will be forwarded to the Board for its review and will be part of monthly Board meetings.

Additionally, Dynamic Management Services, Inc. assists in the development of a meticulous and comprehensive operating budget, critical to every association's financial success.

  • Before the end of each fiscal year, Dynamic Management Services, Inc. will provide the Board of Directors with a recommended operating budget complete with detailed budget notes based on historical data for their review.
  • Once approved by the Board of Directors, Dynamic Management Services, Inc. will implement and execute said budget as endorsed.
  • All compulsory bookkeeping activities will be performed at our main office, where daily reports will be made available.
  • Monthly financial statements along with supplemental supporting schedules will be provided to the Board of Directors before their Board meetings for review. These statements and schedules are essential as Dynamic Management Services, Inc. believes in full transparency and accountability.

Dynamic Management Services, Inc. specializes in condominium management and works collaboratively with all our Boards of Directors. We provide timely and accurate operational and financial information in order to receive the essential feedback needed to allow us to plan, evaluate, and oversee the success of each community we service. We provide accountability for all our resources and put forth thoughtful recommendations to enhance your property and increase its curb appeal. As experienced, qualified professionals, Dynamic Management Services, Inc. is committed to providing these services with integrity and confidence.

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