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Dynamic Management Services, Inc.

125 High Street, Unit 6

Mansfield, MA 02048

774-847-9742 [email protected]

The property manager for our complex is a very personable, conscientious person who always follows through in a timely manner with all management issues that arise. I would suggest to any facility looking for a good management company to consider Dynamic Management Services, Inc. if they are looking for good responsive management that truly has the best of the association in mindT

Jil A. Hemeon, Trustee of Fairfield Park West Condominium Trust, Mansfield, MA.

"Hiring Dynamic Management Services was a giant step towards improving our current status at Whitesmith Village. The team work and professionalism between the members of Dynamic Management Services is appreciated. I am grateful that we have found a management company that cares, has a great sense of urgency, and above all is extremely professional." Deb Zukowski, Secretary, Whitesmith Village Condominium Trust, Taunton, MA.

"Within a year and a half of being contracted to manage our 48 unit condominium community, Dynamic Management Services, Inc. has guided us to a zero debt balance and lowered our monthly condo fees, while providing responsive and courteous management services to all of our owners. They immediately prioritized our maintenance needs, reviewed all of our service contracts, and helped us cut many of our monthly costs. Their accounting knowledge has proved to be immeasurable with the streamlining of our line item budget sheet and ability to help us build our reserves for future projects. Working with their staff is a pleasure and I would highly recommend them to manage any property."

Andy Paraskevas, Vice President Board of Trustees, Pine Crest Village South Condominium Trust, Norton, MA